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Life is energy

Air, food, and sunlight are all energies our physical body absorbs to perform at its best.

Emotions, words, and thoughts are also energies that flow in and out of an energetic body that holds and surrounds our physical body via eleven major chakras. These chakras act like doorways regulating energy in and out before it circulates within our physical body.

We perform at our best and are happiest when positive energies flow abundantly and freely in, out, and within our bodies through all the chakras.

We are constantly absorbing both positive and negative energies. We usually expel the negative energies when we exercise, have a good night’s sleep, or simply… let go!

But when we are under too much stress or go through a shock (physical, emotional, or psychological), chakras get affected and energy can get blocked, causing pain to arise.

Chakras have both physiological and psychological functions. And since they are all interconnected, a problem at one chakra might manifest in other parts of the body. This is why the root cause of one’s problem is often not where the symptom occurs.


Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient science, an art of healing that helps to release these blockages and negative energies, allowing the prana, or ki, or life energy to assist the body’s energy system to normalize so that the whole body can heal itself from physiological, emotional, and psychological ailments.

Pranic Healing is not based on intuition as many other energy healing techniques are. Instead, we use our hands to scan the chakras without ever touching the physical body, since the energetic body exists a few inches outside of the physical body.

A session usually lasts about 30 to 45 minutes if the client only wishes to remove a temporary ailment, or longer if he or she wishes to work together to identify and progressively remove the source of the negative energy that created the misalignment or blockage.

Most clients stay in their office or comfortable at home since most sessions are usually conducted via Skype.

The best way to understand and benefit from energy therapy is to give it a try. Get in touch to discuss your needs- be it stress, insomnia, phobia, a need for a regular energetic massage, or a deeper desire to rebalance your life- and to schedule a short discovery session.



Karen Bassil, Career Coach

Marie is my energy coach! Our sessions focus mainly on removing negative energies from myself through highly effective energy rebalance techniques. The sessions I have experienced were as effective face to face as via Skype.

During our session, she always takes the required time to first understand my stress reactors and influencers during my week and she works on these specific points.

Her approach is a mixture of coaching & pranic energy healing and she does that with a complete passion, professionalism and dedication.

After each session I feel relieved, lighter and energized. She regularly checks on me after the sessions.

I would totally recommend Marie to you for an energizing experience!

KD, Management Consultant

Stress is considered an occupational hazard for management consultants, but when the long working hours and over active brain start to affect your sleeping patterns it rapidly becomes a concern. Regular sessions of energy healing are therapeutic, with the pathways and chakras cleansed – sleep beckons…

Francoise Koch, Executive Coach

Sessions via skype, broken arm

On its way….




Marie portrait 07May16I am a scientist, entrepreneur, writer, certified Pranic Healer, and Arhatic yogi. I hold a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier, France; a PhD in chemical biology from the National University of Singapore; and a double degree Executive MBA from Columbia Business School and the London Business School. I am trilingual in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese. I’ve spent part of my life working with GE in China and the US, and multiple startups in Africa and the Middle East and I now live in Dubai.

I used to be such a rational Cartesian self that my motto used to be “what I cannot touch doesn’t exist”, until I eventually reconnected with my feelings and intuition during a 15 year journey around the world, discovered Pranic Healing and changed my motto to “what I cannot prove wrong might actually exist.”


Dr Marie Lesaicherre, PhD


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