The journey to reconnect with myself led me to leave France twenty years ago. I was finishing my engineering studies in the south of France when an opportunity to spend the last year of our program as an exchange student in the National University of Singapore came up.

“Who would be interested in volunteering for this new exchange program?” the school director asked us.

A third of the class would be spending our last year overseas. Mostly in Europe.

I did not even think twice about it. Not even once. I raised my hand. And a few months later, I was landing in Singapore. Except for my yearly fix of family, friends, and good food, I never went back to France.

I stayed on in Singapore to get a PhD in chemical biology. After six years in Singapore, I decided to experience more of Asia and moved to Shanghai to improve my Chinese and scope out the job market. I got hired by General Electric as I was finishing my class. As the sole hire of a new business in China, I was quickly promoted to build a new business from scratch, and later relocated to San Diego for a bigger role and later on to Boston for another promotion.

The need to rechallenge myself and to satisfy a deep entrepreneurial spirit led me to eventually reconsider an MBA- a degree that all my leadership training with GE still did not justify. I applied and within ten days was accepted in the Columbia Business School and the London Business School double-degree Executive MBA.

Six months into the EMBA program, I was out of GE, fully immersed in the EMBA and looking at the map of the world to plan my next career move, when a major accident in the family stopped me short. I hovered between the hospital in France and my EMBA classes where the finances classes were the only thing my neurons could hang on to- struggling not to feel. The pain. The pain that started surfacing a year earlier when I eventually decided to start therapy to look into the past we never talked about. The situation at home got better. The EMBA was nearing its end. I started launching a new business in China. I pitched the new business to my EMBA class and investors who loved the idea and were already ready to invest. But then, I woke up the following day. And I suddenly couldn’t work anymore on the business I’d loved so much and spent the whole summer working on. I had burned myself out.

I got back to Boston where I was supposed to pack out to relocate to Shanghai. When words flew out of me, pencil on paper. And all the emotions I had buried not only for one year but most probably all my life eventually caught up with me. Dreams brought back painful childhood experiences- and also long-forgotten happy memories. And a lot of self-awareness. It was therapy 24/7 for a couple of months until the wave receded. Because the pain always recedes. I decided to satisfy an old childhood desire to go to Africa and spent a year in Sub-Saharan Africa to complete a feasibility study for a solar business when the Muse woke up again. I headed back to the US and settled in Hawaii for eighteen months where I finished the story of all this traveling, around the world, but also within.

A draft of the book complete, and a few more books in process in my laptop, I moved to Dubai to follow my love for emerging markets. I’d always been attracted to this part of the world and was thankful to be hired as CEO to turn around an education startup.

For years, I’d been looking around the world for a framework to connect mind, emotions, body, and spirit. I would never have expected to find the answer in Dubai.

“You should go to this talk about Pranic Healing,” a newly-met friend of mine suggested right at the same time as another friend also started telling me about energy healing. The time had eventually come to learn what I had sensed for years. I enquired about the training. It made sense. But I was still dubious. I was the person who would constantly repeat, “I do not trust what I do not see.”

I asked a “healer” to do a session on me. And I was immediately convinced of its intense effect when I saw my body and my mind react so strongly. I attended all the trainings and got certified from basic Pranic healing to healing psychological ailments.

My mind still tried to resist for a while. Until it could not deny anymore the effect the sessions had on people, I eventually let myself practice on. This is when I eventually realized the missed opportunity of not using energy to help people treat physical, emotional, and psychological ailments that would normally take much longer to heal and also enable them to live happier and fuller lives.